Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality And What It Means For Artists

Net Neutrality- Creative Commons

Net Neutrality- Creative Commons

Last week the Colbert Report brought up the impact of net neutrality, in other words, the future rules of the internet. It is serious news that can constrict and change the internet as we know it. Sadly, not enough people know what this means. Nothing is official yet but the Federal Communications Commission is using all its power to get the regulations in effect. In addition, the Huffington Post wrote an article on net neutrality recently too. Net neutrality brings up is the idea of freedom of speech and the first amendment, or lack there of. With net neutrality people won’t be able to voice their opinion on blogs, like mine (gulp). And, they won’t be able to access certain sites that the FCC deems unnecessary.

For music PR, this. is. HUGE! This creates an issue for artists that post their music on the internet for free consumption and self promotion. Currently, artists don’t have many ways to advertise their product for free when they do no have representation such as a publicist, agent, or manager. The internet is a tool that helps remedy that problem for up and coming artists- it gets them out there, into the speakers of music downloaders.

Electronic dance music artists utilizes this free system to promote their music and become better known. It is one of the major reasons why electronic artists without initial representation have become a huge success. Once an artist finishes a song, he or she can post it to a free audio site such as Soundcloud. Fans then listen and download the song for free. This creates instant feedback from the fan to the artist and is a crucial way for artists and their fans to connect.

With net neutrality, however, this whole experience will be part of the past. Our generation will be the generation that sounds like our grandparents. I can hear it now, “Back in my day, when I was your age, the internet was free from rules!”

Most importantly , however, it’s about the artists and the music they produce. If net neutrality takes effect, it will be increasingly difficult to find the next best upcoming artists. At this point, all we can do is stay tuned.