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Is All Publicity Good Publicity?



That is the question.

It seems to depend on who you ask. If you read this article, you would probably think all publicity is good publicity. It makes a strong point that all PR teams want to do is bring attention to their artist. As long as their artist is in the news and gaining attention they are doing their job. This is true to a certain extent and what PR was originally founded on. Over time it has changed into a more ethical and measurable field based on statistics. Well in this case, stats don’t lie. If your artist is on television, the radio, and in a gossip magazine they are probably already a superstar or on the verge of becoming one. Those are quantifiable measurements. The media impression that are made from somebody watching, hearing, or reading any of those platforms and then passing that topic onto a friend is second to none.

But, like I said, it really depends who you ask. Yes your artist is getting exposure and is all over the news, but do you really want your artist in the news for the wrong reasons? My opinion is no.
Some artists PR teams do a great job of keeping their artists in positive light. Other PR teams just want their artist in the news so they can say they reached their goals, even at the cost of creating a terrible artist brand.

This is where an artist manager needs to come in. Artist managers are the only people that actually care about their artist. They care about the artist because the artist is their business, they live and die with their artist. They have their finger on the pulse of an artist and help guide the direction of an artists career.

I’m not saying all PR firms are bad, obviously their are some brilliant ones out their that help resurrect careers from bad publicity stunts. I’m just saying when an artist chooses that PR team to help them, they need to make sure its a PR team that actually cares about them and their career, not just making headlines.