All Conscious Radio Music Station

On The Air- Creative Commons

On The Air- Creative Commons

Music Industry News Network recently reported the launch of an all conscious radio music station. The idea of an all conscious radio music station is new and refreshing. The music played will vary and be as open as a meadow field. Music will range from rock, world music, electronic, and yoga. The key is to promote artists that have a message of positivity. In addition, instead of news breaks their will be positive affirmations.

Like any music station there will be artist interviews. In this case, the host will try to find out about the artist on a personal level, not just interview them because they are the next hot commodity.

From a music PR standpoint this has niche market written all over it. The target audience is indie fans that want to listen to indie artists that would not normally be played on a commercial radio station. Because of these facts, “Soul Traveller Radio” will have success, but not reach the “popular” audience, which seems like how they want to keep it. Even though this is a niche market, it is music stations like this that upcoming artists must try and conquer. They will be your biggest allies to taking that next step of success.

The really cool part of “Soul Traveller Radio” is that it will feature music that goes along with each time of the day. For example, as you are waking up you are listening to songs that are mellow, or singing about topics such as waking up, cooking breakfast, getting ready to take on the day type of moods. As the day progresses you will hear positive, uplifting songs that could help keep you in a good mood to help you power through your day.

What a radio station like this proves is that there is music made for all types of sitations and occasions. You could make an argument that there is a song for every emotion one could possibly feel during a day- and “Soul Traveller Radio” plans to capture that.

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