Getting Noticed. Outside The Box.

EA Sports- Creative Commons

EA Sports- Creative Commons

What if you thought you were a great musician and you just needed to find a way to get your music out there? There are different paths to get your music noticed, so let’s stay opened minded and think outside the box. Sometimes you have to get creative to become noticed.

Artists may want the glory of knowing they slowly built up their notoriety over time. Starting at the local bar, moving up to the local venue, then making it to the regional, national, and international level. After reading this article, I’m convinced you can, but through the video game platform.

With video games you can make the same kind of impact on a person’s life without you or your audience ever leaving the comfort of a home couch. The business model is an easy thought process. You make it into the video game and a gamer buys the game, easy distribution. After spending multiple hours, days, and months playing the game, the gamer gets your song stuck in their head, easy awareness. By ingraining your song into another person’s head you willingly and unwillingly made them a fan.

Any previous or current video game addict can recall soundtracks from the Tony Hawk series getting stuck in their head. Today, the equivalent is Madden, FIFA, or Grand Theft Auto.

This is thinking outside the box, but if an artists is spending a lot of time at the record agency trying to get a deal, maybe they are better served spending that time at a game designing company. Music agencies are always looking for the next best sound. Gaming companies have the exact same job, but they are looking for the next best sound to fit a particular video game.

Then hey, once your song is in the game you can put that on your musical resume and bring it to the record agency that wasn’t willing to listen to you earlier.


  1. Reblogged this on Bryce Gorman Music and commented:
    A great way to be entrepreneurial about your music or most other ideas. Think of everywhere your medium is played and focus on increasing awareness in all corners of the world

  2. I love this idea. I was recently thinking how music artists can get a song noticed. The thought came to me that movie soundtracks are a great way to get exposure. I person gets wrapped into a movie plot and then hears a song that really moves them. Your idea is quite similar. I remember the days that a Tony Hawk song would get stuck in my head. Or I would start singing the words to a song that came on when I popped in an NBA Live game. For PR, this would be great exposure to get an artist noticed. I wonder the difficulty of getting a song engraved on a game soundtrack would be. I imagine it would be easier and less expensive than trying to get radio air time. Its definitely something worth looking into. I think this idea can work and ideas like this are what differentiates great PR practitioners from the good ones.

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