How Artist Interaction Can Help Promote Their Brand

Talib Kweli- Creative Commons

Talib Kweli- Creative Commons

Lupe Fiasco- Creative Commons

Lupe Fiasco- Creative Commons

Earlier this year Talib Kweli and Lupe Fiasco held a conversation via Twitter in regards to hip hop music and the culture it creates.

Here is a snippet, Kweli to Fiasco:
“You’ve spoken of growing up on gangsta rap like Spice 1, but you seem to have come from a good home as well, & u super lyrical. To me that suggests that the answer isn’t censoring gangsta rap or violent rap, but creating better homes, thats where it starts.”
Read the full conversation here.

Where does a conversation like this fall into the music PR richter scale? In reality it barely makes a blip. But that is why you have yours truly to help turn it into a positive PR interaction. Depending on who you talk to, hip-hop gets a bad rep for artists that have a hyper-aggressive style that degrades other people. There is a lot of confusion in hip-hop of whether or not artists actually do what they say, or believe in what they say, through song.

Kweli and Fiasco are both known for their style labeled “conscious rap” for how they respect all cultures and believe in bettering the world through knowledge. Their think first, talk second attitude is why they are a PR persons dream. It is in this aspect that the artists promote their brand. When artists are transparent on all media platforms; music, interviews, and social media, the essence of their message comes through clearer than water.


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